COVID-19 IT Contingencies

Planning Considerations

Regarding COVID-19, we have received a number of questions as many have begun to plan for potential impacts to operations. Here are some scenarios which can be helpful to consider in your contingency planning:

  • A critical employee is suddenly unable to work. Perhaps the one person who can do payroll, has an important key, or has the credit card.
  • It becomes necessary or appropriate for healthy employees to work remotely from home.
  • Gatherings above a certain size are prohibited.
  • Travel restrictions are expanded to include more countries or domestic travel.
  • After closing your office as a precaution, employees need to answer phones and access critical systems and data.
  • You want to send an urgent communication to your employees or customers and need a way to do this quickly and effectively.

We sincerely hope that none of these scenarios play out, but if you have any questions or concerns about working remotely, continuity of operations, or IT-related contingency planning, please contact us.

NorthSky Support

While we are receiving a higher-than-normal volume of requests, NorthSky is operating as normal and we remain available to assist when needed. To best ensure our continued availablility, we are prioritizing completion of all scheduled on-site work and deferring future on-site projects where possible.

Additionally, though we often come on site to more conveniently resolve a problem or perform maintenance, we will be making extra effort to do these tasks remotely for the time being. We ask for your understanding in the event we need to work together on more issues over the phone instead of in person.